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Deep Root Injection Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Jupiter Tequesta

Deep root injection is the most recommended method for supplying the right nutrients to trees that are malnourished. It is not even all about the guaranteed results using this method, but the extensive process involved in doing it that makes the difference. All the information and skills needed to finally administer the fertilizer injection will clearly give a different output compared to the traditional methods. If you think that your trees are underperforming due to insufficient soil, then just turn to Jupiter-Tequesta Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team to find solutions to all the problems that your trees face.

Deep root fertilization vs traditional fertilization

We are calling the other one traditional simply because there is no technology involved in its administration. To clearly bring out the difference between these two methods of nourishing trees, we will separately discuss each one of them and leave it to you to make the conclusion on which one is very effective.

In the so-called traditional method, a property owner or the gardener will assess the trees and then conclude that the trees are getting insufficient nutrients from the soil. The assessment is basically a visual inspection. Based on his or her own understanding, the fertilizer of a particular type is bought and then applied at the base of the trees. It solely depends on the natural causes to take the fertilizer to the root zone of the trees.

From this brief explanation, we can quickly see the flaws with this method. One is that there is no basis upon which the person doing it concluded that the trees are underperforming because they don’t get the required nutrients from the soil. It can be for some other reasons that were not determined. Let us now assume that the trees indeed lacked these vital minerals from the soil. The person in charge did not do any tests to identify the minerals that are needed by the trees but are unavailable from the soil. A fertilizer was chosen at random or based on some assumptions that we don’t know. What if you get the wrong fertilizer that will poison the soil? Interfering with the soil pH can adversely affect your trees. And the last flaw is the assumption made that the fertilizer will slowly move to the root zones by natural means. What if the fertilizer is washed away by runoff or is used up by the grass and shrubs?

Deep root injection is a complex process that begins by first testing the soil if it does not have the right nutrients in the right proportions as needed by the trees. If the soil tested negative, then further diagnosis is done to determine the cause. That is also done even if the soil tested positive just to be sure that your trees are not affected by multiple factors. From there, our professionals will prepare the fertilizer mixture in solution form that is then injected into the soil at the root zone of the trees through an injector tool. This gives a guaranteed result.

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